Tips to keep the interior of your car healthy this winter

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Keep the interior of your car clean and flu virus free with these simple tips.

Well, here we are in the middle of yet another New England winter. Days are short, our children are inside for a majority of the time due to vacations and snow days, and worst of all, the flu is running rampant across New York and Connecticut. 

     While most people are aware of how to keep their homes as clean and sanitary as possible, we tend to forget how much time we spend in our cars. The vehicles we drive daily are even more confined and sometimes can breed viruses, germs, mold and mildew very quickly compared to the wide open spaces of our homes. Plus, you pick your children up from school, and they sit within one foot of each other, breathing, coughing, slapping, poking, and throwing Goldfish and Cheerios all over the place. Can you tell that I have two daughters? I know know what you all are going through. 

     While we continuously stress the importance of keeping the exterior of your vehicles clean during the winter, keeping the interior clean can sometimes be even more important. We like our clients and their families healthy. Besides, your children probably go to school or participate in after school activities WITH our children, so the more we can control cold and flu germs, the better.

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Please enjoy the list of ways you can help maintain a clean, sanitary, and most important, SAFE car interior. Of course, should you have an issue that is bigger than you can handle, give us a call. 

1). GET FOOD AND LIQUIDS OUT OF THE CAR IMMEDIATELY. This one should be pretty obvious. If you wouldn’t leave a small pile of food laying around inside your house, don’t leave it laying around inside your car. Don’t give mold and mildew a food source. For spills, do your best to get them dried up as quickly as possible. This also will help you keep mice and rats out of your car. Animals that are outside would love nothing more than a warm car interior and some Goldfish crumbs to tide them over until the morning.   To help with this, a lot of car washes do offer free vacuums if you don’t have access to a wet/dry vac at your house. You know what? State you read this article and we’ll let you use our vacuums for free here, inside, where it’s warm. Just let us know you are coming. 

2). PARKED INSIDE OVER NIGHT? CRACK THE WINDOWS. If you have a garage where you can park your car inside overnight or if you are going to be home for a long period of time, crack the windows a bit. This will help any evaporating moisture escape the inside of your car and not stick around to feed all sorts of grossness. If you have a small fan or even a floor fan, you can help the air circulate by putting it in your car or outside the window to help water evaporate. 

3). PARKED IN THE SUN? CRACK THE WINDOWS. We do OCCASIONALLY have some sunny days, so let’s take advantage of them. If you are going to be parked outside for a while, and the sun will be out, follow the advice above and let the sun help dry the interior of your car out. Just keep an eye on the weather. We wouldn’t want you to end up with 6 inches of snow INSIDE your car. 

4). PULL OUT AND HANG UP THE FLOOR MATS FREQUENTLY. If you have rubber or Weathertech mats, pull them out, dump them and clean them with some disinfecting cleaner.  If you have cloth mats, let them dry out and then spray them with some disinfecting spray. You walk through the snow, slush and rain almost every day, and your floor mats take the brunt of this liquid and just hold onto it. 

5). USE THE SAME DISINFECTING METHODS FROM YOUR HOUSE INSIDE YOUR CAR. Keep a bottle of Lysol in your garage that you can just spray inside your car when you come home from time to time and let it do it’s job over night. 

6). GET MOISTURE ABSORBING PACKETS. Most of these can be found in hardware stores or places like Walmart or Target. While they say to use inside closets and small basements, they work very well inside cars are well. Go this route over just getting something that will mask the smell of growing mold and mildew. 

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7). IF THERE IS A BIG SPILL, GET IT PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED UP IMMEDIATELY. We hear it at least once ever Spring. Someone spilled a milkshake, gallon of milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, soup or gravy over the winter and since it was cold out, they cleaned it up a little and didn’t think much of it. Once winter ended and the days started to be warmer and warmer, they got a quick reminder that the liquid was spilled. However, it has now had a chance to work it’s way deeper into the carpet and seats, it’s had more time to feed mold and mildew spores and will take even more effort to remove completely. Don’t wait until it’s a bigger problem, just get it done ASAP. 

8). START WITH A CLEAN SLATE.  If you want to start off with a clean, germ free and healthy interior car, allow Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio to perform our complete Interior Detail on your vehicle, and make all the steps listed above nothing more than routine maintenance rather than an effort to minimize the damage. We will perform a deep clean of your entire interior and go back over it with steam to ensure that all bacteria, viruses, germs, mold and mildew are completely gone. From there, we can ever install or perform certain processes that are designed to keep the interior of your car clean and germ free for month to come. 

For help with this advice or any other questions, please call us at (860) 799-5403 or come by our studio located at:

90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT 

Keep the interior of your car clean and flu virus free with these simple tips.


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