Mercedes Benz Danbury Car Detailing

One thing that we can never stress enough is the importance of making sure you get your new cars properly prepped and detailed by a professional auto detailer to ensure that your new purchase looks, well, BRAND NEW. This particular client brought me his older Mercedes for 3 years, but since it was already over a decade old, he never felt the need to get it coated, and that is just fine.  
When he picked up his new 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-350, he wanted to start off on the right foot and he knew exactly what he wanted. Straight from the dealership, we did a light polish with the RUPES USA, Inc. Bigfoot system to REALLY bring out this GORGEOUS color. Then, we installed Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Black to ensure that the paint stays gorgeous with minimal effort and a 9 year guarantee. 
New cars looking better than new! Get your new car protected from the start and keep it looking better than new for years to come with minimal effort.
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