We hear it all the time: “Well, my car isn’t a Ferrari or something, do I need a Gtechniq Ceramic Coating?”
The answer is YES! The main purpose and function of  the GTechniq Ceramic Coating line of products is to provide your vehicles with REAL WORLD protection against the elements.
For those of you that live in Connecticut and New York or anywhere in New England, take a look outside. Do you see a lot of high end sports cars, exotics and classic muscle cars driving around these days? Of course not. Sure, Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio and GTechniq can certainly protect those cars as well, but it was made to make sure that the cars and trucks that are in an environment like this stay looking their best and can EASILY be cleaned up during the winter, and year round.
This 2014 Ford Motor Company F-250 Super Duty is the vehicle of choice for the owner to get around Fairfield County, Connecticut during the winter. After we removed all the swirls and scratches, we applied GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Black Total Protection to the paint, glass, rims and chrome. Now this gorgeous red beast will look the way it does in these pictures with VERY little effort from the client.
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