New Milford, CT: GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Makes It’s Debut

By November 18, 2017GTechniq Ceramic Coating

Audi SQ5’s have a special place for firsts when it comes to cars that we are given the honor of working on. So far, we have performed New Car Prep and GTechniq Ceramic Coatings on the first 2015 AND 2017 Audi SQ5’s to arrive here in the United States. 

Here, while it may not be the first 2018 Audi SQ5 in the states (as far as we know), it is still a pretty impressive first. After we did some Paint Correction to repair some dealer installed swirl marks, this gorgeous car is the first car at Arkham Shine to officially receive our newest GTechniq Ceramic Coating, Crystal Serum Ultra. We could not be happier with the results, and the client could not be happier with a 9 year guarantee. 

Why use special camera filters when the combination of Arkham Shine’s paint correction and GTechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra Black Total Protection makes your car look better than reality anyway? 

Is your new car looking like it’s new? It can look better.

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