Some information on True Paint Correction and Paint Coatings

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Welcome to Arkham Shine’s database of articles and information on various aspects of the auto detailing industry.

Over the years, I have been asked almost ever imaginable question about detailing. Some of the questions I have been asked are well thought out, and it was clear to me that the person did their research. Other times, however, people have asked me mind boggling questions about various detailing processes that just do not even abide by the laws of science, never mind even remotely describe what auto detailing entails.

The truth is that there is no governing “Auto Detailing” body in the United States or the world for that matter. What this means is that anyone can really go out and say anything without having to answer to someone if what they are saying is wrong. This lends to a lot of misinformation about any and all aspects of the auto detailing industry.

What is compiled here should at least give you a starting point as to where to go to get the proper information about what auto detailing is about. The articles below are ones that I have personally chosen and for the most part, are written by veterans of the industry that I have come to know and trust over the years.

I encourage you, if you are an existing client of mine already, or a potential client of mine, to read through these articles, and certainly write down any questions you have about the detailing process. Clients who ask me 1000 questions about my service always apologies, but it’s not necessary. An educated client is a happy client, and a more loyal client as well. I would rather you ask me all the questions you have before trusting me with your car, then have to explain things like “gravity” to you after the service has been complete. (Yes, I actually had to do this once).

So, enjoy the following articles, and I look forward to earning and continuing to do business with you.

1). Different Levels of Paint Correction = a visual guide as to what you can expect from various paint correction methods. 

2). Paint Coatings: Why You Should Give Them A Shot = A summary of  benefits paint coatings or “glass coatings”. 

3). Why Is There Such A Difference In Detailing Service Pricing: a great article about my pricing versus “the guy down the road”.

4). The Primary Benefits of Using Clay: A LOT of people have misconceptions about what a clay bar actually does. 




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