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Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio is proud to announce that we are one of the first auto detailing studios in the country to offer Simoniz’s new ceramic coating and warranty program, “Simoniz Diamond Plate“. 

When it comes to the car detailing industry, there is probably one phrase that is said over and over again:

“I want my car Simonized” 

For a long time, this had a very vague meaning outside of the dealerships. If you picked your car up from a dealership, you could get a product called “Simoniz GlassCoat*” installed on your new car and you could benefit from anywhere from a 5 year to a lifetime warranty, and an easy to care for surface. (if the GlassCoat was installed properly or at all). GlassCoat is designed as a  “Dealership Only” program, and therefore small, independent detail studios were unable to offer this product. 

With the recent  emergence of the coating industry, Simoniz has reworked the formula for their “GlassCoat” and come up with a product not only designed for new cars, but used cars as well. 

What is Diamond Plate?

  • Simoniz Diamond Plate is a nano-ceramic polymer paint coating that is designed to improve the gloss and depth of our clients paint as well as give the vehicle a level of REAL long term protection
  • Diamond Plate‘s polysilazane coating is held together by silicon-oxygen bonds. These bonds are unaffected by ultraviolet rays. 
  • Polysilazane itself strongly reacts with the hydroxyl groups on the paint surface to form a chemical bond in it at millions of separate points across the surface. 
  • The Simoniz Diamond Plate program includes a 2 Year, hassle free warranty with one of America’s most well know insurance agency’s.
  • Installation also includes Simoniz VisionBlade. VisionBlade is a windshield coating that acts like Rain-X on steroids. 

What does Diamond Plate protect against?  

  • Acid rain and hard water spot etching
  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Insects including Love Bugs (for you Floridians)
  • Aerosol and Graffiti spray paint 
  • Accidental paint over spray or sling up from newly painted road lines. 
  • Loss of gloss from fading or chalking due to exposure to the sun 
  • Damage caused by Road De-icing material

How does you file a claim? 

      Clients who purchase the Simoniz Diamond Plate system can easily file a claim on the Simoniz GlassCoat app available from The Apple Store or Google Play, or they can simply file a claim by visiting the SIMONIZ WEBSITE

* PLEASE NOTE: if you had an independent car detailer sell you a Simoniz Glasscoat, it was illegal and the warranty given will not be honored should anything happen to your car. Simoniz GlassCoat is a Dealership Only product and can not legally be installed outside a dealership.

CALL (860) 799-5403 or stop by our studio at 90 Danbury Road in New Milford, Connecticut for a free consultation.

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