Tips to keep the interior of your car healthy this winter

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Well, here we are in the middle of yet another New England winter. Days are short, our children are inside for a majority of the time due to vacations and snow days, and worst of all, the flu is running rampant across New York and Connecticut. 

     While most people are aware of how to keep their homes as clean and sanitary as possible, we tend to forget how much time we spend in our cars. The vehicles we drive daily are even more confined and sometimes can breed viruses, germs, mold and mildew very quickly compared to the wide open spaces of our homes. Plus, you pick your children up from school, and they sit within one foot of each other, breathing, coughing, slapping, poking, and throwing Goldfish and Cheerios all over the place. Can you tell that I have two daughters? I know know what you all are going through. 

     While we continuously stress the importance of keeping the exterior of your vehicles clean during the winter, keeping the interior clean can sometimes be even more important. We like our clients and their families healthy. Besides, your children probably go to school or participate in after school activities WITH our children, so the more we can control cold and flu germs, the better.

Please enjoy the list of ways you can help maintain a clean, sanitary, and most important, SAFE car interior. Of course, should you have an issue that is bigger than you can handle, give us a call. 

1). GET FOOD AND LIQUIDS OUT OF THE CAR IMMEDIATELY. This one should be pretty obvious. If you wouldn’t leave a small pile of food laying around inside your house, don’t leave it laying around inside your car. Don’t give mold and mildew a food source. For spills, do your best to get them dried up as quickly as possible. This also will help you keep mice and rats out of your car. Animals that are outside would love nothing more than a warm car interior and some Goldfish crumbs to tide them over until the morning.   To help with this, a lot of car washes do offer free vacuums if you don’t have access to a wet/dry vac at your house. You know what? State you read this article and we’ll let you use our vacuums for free here, inside, where it’s warm. Just let us know you are coming. 

2). PARKED INSIDE OVER NIGHT? CRACK THE WINDOWS. If you have a garage where you can park your car inside overnight or if you are going to be home for a long period of time, crack the windows a bit. This will help any evaporating moisture escape the inside of your car and not stick around to feed all sorts of grossness. If you have a small fan or even a floor fan, you can help the air circulate by putting it in your car or outside the window to help water evaporate. 

3). PARKED IN THE SUN? CRACK THE WINDOWS. We do OCCASIONALLY have some sunny days, so let’s take advantage of them. If you are going to be parked outside for a while, and the sun will be out, follow the advice above and let the sun help dry the interior of your car out. Just keep an eye on the weather. We wouldn’t want you to end up with 6 inches of snow INSIDE your car. 

4). PULL OUT AND HANG UP THE FLOOR MATS FREQUENTLY. If you have rubber or Weathertech mats, pull them out, dump them and clean them with some disinfecting cleaner.  If you have cloth mats, let them dry out and then spray them with some disinfecting spray. You walk through the snow, slush and rain almost every day, and your floor mats take the brunt of this liquid and just hold onto it. 

5). USE THE SAME DISINFECTING METHODS FROM YOUR HOUSE INSIDE YOUR CAR. Keep a bottle of Lysol in your garage that you can just spray inside your car when you come home from time to time and let it do it’s job over night. 

6). GET MOISTURE ABSORBING PACKETS. Most of these can be found in hardware stores or places like Walmart or Target. While they say to use inside closets and small basements, they work very well inside cars are well. Go this route over just getting something that will mask the smell of growing mold and mildew. 

7). IF THERE IS A BIG SPILL, GET IT PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED UP IMMEDIATELY. We hear it at least once ever Spring. Someone spilled a milkshake, gallon of milk, chocolate milk, ice cream, soup or gravy over the winter and since it was cold out, they cleaned it up a little and didn’t think much of it. Once winter ended and the days started to be warmer and warmer, they got a quick reminder that the liquid was spilled. However, it has now had a chance to work it’s way deeper into the carpet and seats, it’s had more time to feed mold and mildew spores and will take even more effort to remove completely. Don’t wait until it’s a bigger problem, just get it done ASAP. 

8). START WITH A CLEAN SLATE.  If you want to start off with a clean, germ free and healthy interior car, allow Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio to perform our complete Interior Detail on your vehicle, and make all the steps listed above nothing more than routine maintenance rather than an effort to minimize the damage. We will perform a deep clean of your entire interior and go back over it with steam to ensure that all bacteria, viruses, germs, mold and mildew are completely gone. From there, we can ever install or perform certain processes that are designed to keep the interior of your car clean and germ free for month to come. 

For help with this advice or any other questions, please call us at (860) 799-5403 or come by our studio located at:

90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT 

Keep the interior of your car clean and flu virus free with these simple tips.

Winter Car Wash and Maintenance Services CT

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Well, the holidays are over, and now we just have to deal with another New England winter, and apparently, Bomb Cyclones (wtf)?!?!.  If you are like me, you are already pretty much done with winter. However, the fact remains that it’s here for at least 2 more months if not longer.

Take a look outside at your cars, then take a look at the main picture for this blog post. Do they look similar? If you have been out on the roads in the past few days, the answer is probably “YES”. Cleaning and maintaining the appearance of your cars is just as, if not more-so important during the winter here in New England. Don’t take our word for it though, check out what other experts have to say:

Hidden hazards of road salt: Car corrosion can take a toll.

Keeping your car clean in winter months. Road and Travel Magazine

Don’t worry, Kevin and his team of auto detailing experts at Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio are here to help. Allow us to make sure your cars continue to look their best all winter long and don’t end up suffering any long term damage from all the great road salt, sand, ice, snow and general nastiness that is all over the roads right now with these great winter maintenance services. Call (860) 799-5403 or come by our studio located at 90 Danbury Road in New Milford, Connecticut to ensure your cars stay clean and protected all winter long. 



$40-$50 (depending on size of vehicle)

Designed to just get all the winter road nastiness off your car in a safe and effective manor, our Basic Hand Car Wash will make sure that nothing is left behind when you leave.

Our Basic Hand Car Wash includes:

  • Hand Wash and Decontamination of all exterior surfaces.
  • Intense Pressure wash and cleaning of rims, tires and wheel wells
  • Air and Hand Dried
  • Exterior Windows cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Door jams cleaned and wiped down
  • Add Intense decontamination and Pressure wash of your car’s undercarriage for only $20. (save $10)
  • Upgrade your level of protection to GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray for only $49

** Walk-In’s welcome, appointment’s recommended. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE


$75-$100 (depending on the size of your vehicle)

Our Deluxe Hand Car Wash includes everything from our Basic Hand Car Wash, but is designed to put a real level of protection on your car’s paint as well.

Our Deluxe Hand Car Wash Includes:

  • Everything from our Basic Hand Car Wash
  • Thorough blow out and vacuum of your interior
  • Interior AND exterior windows cleaned to a streak-free shine
  • Tires dressed
  • High quality spray sealant applied to all exterior surfaces.
  • Add intense decontamination of your car’s undercarriage for only $15 (save $15)
  • Upgrade your level of protection to GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray for only $39. (save $10)

** Walk-In’s welcome, appointment’s recommended. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE


$200-$250 (depending on the size of your vehicle)

Our Maintenance Auto Detailing Service is a fantastic service to have done at least once a month if you drive your cars every day. Designed to make your car look like it was just “Completely Detailed” by some of the other guys, our Maintenance Auto Detailing Service will not only rid your car of all winter contamination on the outside AND inside of your car, but will add a level of protection to ensure that our Connecticut Winter doesn’t stand a chance against your vehicle.

Our Maintenance Auto Detailing Service includes:

  • Everything included in our Deluxe Hand Car Wash
  • Thorough Blow out, vacuum and wipe down of all interior surfaces
  • Rubber and/or cloth floor mats removed and properly cleaned
  • GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray applied to all exterior surfaces
  • From now until March 31st, 2018, all Express Auto Detailing Services will include our intense undercarriage cleaning and decontamination.
  • Improve your winter driving visibility by adding GTechniq G5 Water Repellent to your glass for only $25 for the front windshield or $49 for all exterior glass. (Think Rain-X on steroids)

** Appointment’s highly recommended. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE


Undercarriage Wash: $30. Designed to neutralize and remove road salt from the undercarriage of your vehicle. Intense decontamination and pressure wash. Can be done al-la-carte or added to any car wash or detailing service.

GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray: $49-$59. C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray is designed with the same chemistry that goes into some of the high end ceramic coating packages we offer with an easy application and real time durability.

GTechniq G5 Water Repellent Coating: $25-$59: Think “Rain-X on steroids” Our G5 Water Repellent Coating will not only give you enhanced visibility while driving, but it will significantly inhibit frost, ice, and snow’s ability to stick to your exterior glass, making it easier for you to get going after a storm.

Bio-Bomb: $49: Do you want to ensure that all viruses, germs, bacteria, mold spores and mildew are completely removed from the interior of your car? Our Bio-Bomb service is designed to do just that. Our Bio-Bomb can be performed after any interior service including just a simple vacuum, but works best when the entire interior is completely detailed first. Once complete, the bio-bomb is set off and left to circulate through the interior of your car and get to all the areas that we could not physically get our hands, a tool or a machine to, including the AC and heating vents of your vehicle. A great service especially for the winter months when moisture can help breed viruses in your car.

** Walk-In’s welcome, appointment’s recommended. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE

Get those gifts protected

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OK, so you survived Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and got some of the coolest stuff for your family and friends to light up their faces this holiday season. Now what? 

Let’s get those gifts protected so they stay looking new! Our line of GTechniq Smart Surface Science products not only work on cars, but on almost every surface you can imagine. Check out some ideas below:

  • Did you get someone (or yourself) a Cell Phone, Tablet or Computer? Let’s protect that screen against scratches fingerprints and general damage with GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.
  • Everyone loves their Ugg Boots, right?  GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric AB will make water afraid to go anywhere near the boots. Just take a look at the video below. 
  • Leather jacket or new leather purse? We got you covered with GTechniq L1 Leather Guard AB that will not only protect the leather, but will keep it free of germs and bacteria. 
  • Sunglasses? Of course we have that covered. Hats? Yup. Gloves? Just tell us what they are made of. Expensive coffee tumbler or mug? Why risk it turning ugly? Watches? Get the same level of protection they use on the most expensive Rolex on the planet. 

    Anything from the smallest piece of jewelry up to, well, a full size car, we have something that can make sure that whatever condition it is in when your family and friends tear open that wrapping is exactly what condition we can keep it in for much longer than an unprotected item. 


The cost for most common items runs from $10 to $50 with larger items obviously costing more. Please note that we do need to keep the items overnight for proper application and curing for the best results. Please give us a call with any questions you may have: (860) 799-5403 or come by our studio 

90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT

Car Detailing Porsche Macan Turbo for Danbury Connecticut

Custom 2017 Porsche Macan Looking Better Than New

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When you get a brand new 2017 Porsche Macan Turbo, and it still isn’t good enough, you obviously add an insane Hamann Motorsports Widebody Kit. Still not good enough? Why not add a set of rims so custom that the only next step would be to hand forge them yourself! Once all that is done, you have to make sure it’s all protected properly, so Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio was called in to do the final car detailing and paint correction work, install xPel Paint Protection Film, and dip the whole car in GTechniq Crystal Serum Black for guaranteed ease of care and maintenance for years to come. 

How far did we go with this install? There is a TINY gap in the rims where the spokes meet the red barrel. This is a spot where dirt and brake dust could easily get stuck and start to deteriorate the appearance of the rims very quickly. We went in and individually installed GTechniq C5 Wheel Armor in the end of the spoke AND the drum so water will make anything trying to hide in the gap flow right out. 

Is your new car looking like it’s new? It can look better.
Call 860.799.5503

90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT
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Arkham Shine and GTechniq invade Gotham, CT for Batfest!

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Well, it’s pretty obvious that this car show was right up our alley. On September 17th, Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio as well as reps from the Connecticut GTechniq Team turned Ocean Beach Park in New London into our own Private Gotham City Car Show. While the main attraction was obviously the Batmobiles, we had help from The Joker who donated his Ford Crown Vic, help from our dear client who showed up with her Dark Knight inspired Subaru Legacy and we even got a call from Knight Industries who showed up with none other than K.I.T.T. himself! (David Hasslehoff not included) 

If you look through the images below, you will also see “The General Lee” from “The Dukes of Hazzard”, and the Grand Turrino’s from Starsky and Hutch. 

This was an obvious blast for Kevin and his crew and we thank the people at Radio104 WMRQ for putting together such a great show. 

Arkham Shine joins CT’s GTechniq Team for Connecticut Dream Ride

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On August 26th and 27th, Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio joined some of the best car detailers in Connecticut at the Connecticut Dream Ride. The event was a two day celebration and helped to raise money for the Connecticut Special Olympics. The event itself took place at the  Polo Grounds in Farmington, CT.   By the end of the day on Sunday, over one million dollars had been raised in total. It is always an honor to support other detailers and represent GTechniq, but it’s even more important to be a part of such an event with a bigger purpose such as this. 

GTechniq sets up shop for GridLife at Road Atlanta in Georgia

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Recently, Kevin traveled with GTechniq North America down to Georgia for the annual festival of speed and music, GridLife 2017 . 

Car Detailing Training

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Is your detailer not only ranked as one of the best in the country, but recognized as a professional trainer?

Check out this video below with the highlights of the two day course Kevin Awalt helped teach with Rupes, GTechniq and

Toward the end, you can see Kevin hanging on for dear life as Todd Helme whips a Polaris RZR around the Skid Pad. Enjoy!

If you are interested in GTechniq and would like more information on becoming a certified installer, please visit:

GTechniq Direct Training and Merchandise. 


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