Exterior Detailing and Paint Correction

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Arkham’s number one goal is to provide our valued clientele with the highest level of auto detailing and paint correction service to meet the needs of any car enthusiasts from Connecticut and beyond.  All vehicles are treated and detailed individually with the proper time and care to ensure our clientele with  total satisfaction. All are encouraged to take a look at the below, and call (860)799-5403 or stop by our studio in New Milford, Ct with any and all questions you may have about our car detailing services. 

Complete Auto Detailing

Our complete detailing packages are designed to bring out the beauty in well-maintained vehicles.  Only the best products are used to properly clean and protect it, leaving you with a vehicle that looks the same way as the day you bought it, sometimes even better.

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Clay Bar Treatment to remove embedded contamination
  • Single stage buffing to smooth out minor imperfections and dramatically enhance gloss
  • exterior surfaces prepped to ensure proper sealant bonding
  • All exterior surfaces properly protected with top of the line wax. 
  • Cleaning of rims, tires and wheel wells
  • Streak free interior/exterior windows
  • COMPLETE interior blow out, vacuum and wipe down. (if no interior detail is desired or needed)



Should you want to bring your vehicle’s paint back to a showroom finish, Arkham Shine specializes in true paint correction to bring that mirror finish. Please stop by for a demo and estimate for our paint correction services.

Additional services

  • compounding or polishing to remove heavier imperfections.
  • Paint Touch Up/Scratch Repair per panel (discount for multiple panels)
  • Wet sanding  entire vehicle (only after car is inspected)

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Exterior Coating Protection

Once your car has gone through the complete auto detailing process, why not keep it looking great for years to come with a state of the art ceramic coating.

Arkham offers a full line of exterior coatings designed to meet the needs of any client. The descriptions below offer a brief description of each product. For more information, we urge you to contact us so we can discuss the best option for your particular vehicle.

GTECHNIQ Exterior Coatings

For a more complete explanation of the GTechniq product line CLICK HERE

  • Ultimate: Crystal Serum + EXOv2 + Aquapel on glass + 5 year warranty: Price by estimate only. Perfect for new car prep and detail
  • Best:  C1 Crystal Lacquer + EXOv2 + Aquapel on glass: 3-4 years of protection
  • Better: EXOv2 Hybrid Coating: 18-24 months of protection 
  • Good: C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray included on our advanced exterior details if no other option is desired. 6-8 months of protection
  • CLICK HERE for more information on GTechniq Coatings.

* price subject to change based on exact size and condition of vehicle. 

CERAMIC PRO Exterior Coatings

For a more complete explanation of the Ceramic Pro CLICK HERE. 

  • Gold Exterior: 4 layers 9h on paint + 1 layer LIGHT top coat + 1 layer 9h and LIGHT on   plastic and rims + RAIN on glass + LIFETIME WARRANTY: Price by estimate only.
  • Silver Exterior: 1 layer 9h and LIGHT on Paint and Rims + RAIN on Glass + 5 year warranty
  • Bronze Exterior: 1 layer of LIGHT on paint and rims + 1 layer RAIN on glass + 2 year warranty 
  • Sport: 6-8 months of protection
  • CLICK HERE for more information on Ceramic Pro Exterior Coatings
* price subject to change based on exact size and condition of vehicle.

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Interior Cleaning and Detailing

While others may focus most of their attention on the exterior detailing process, here at Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio, making sure the interior detailing process is done with the same focus and attention is just as important.

Our systematic interior detailing process is designed to remove any and all debris, no matter how abused your particular vehicle may be.

Description and Pricing

    • Basic Interior: Blow out and vacuum + clean all interior surfaces + coat interior surfaces with GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal: 
    • Deluxe Interior: (for heavily soiled interiors)  Blow out and vacuum + Shampoo all interior cloth + clean all interior surfaces + coat all interior surfaces with GTechniq Liquid Crystal: 
    • Anti-Microbial Treatment: For interiors that have been severely neglected, an overnight anti-microbial treatment is the way to go. This treatment eliminates any residual odor causing bacteria and other toxins inside your car after our Deluxe Interior Detail has been performed. Guaranteed to remove cigarette smoke odor, bodily fluid odor, mildew and mold spores, and much more to get your car not only smelling great, but germ and bacteria free for months. 


Interior Coating Treatment

GTECHNIQ Interior Coatings

  • Fabric treated with I1 Smart Fabric + Leather treated with L1 Leather Guard
  • COMING SOON: Self-sanitizing, UV Activated interior coatings

CERAMIC PRO Interior Coatings

CERAMIC PRO: Fabric treated with Textile + Plastic treated with Plastic and Rubber + Leather treated with Leather