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New Milford, CT: GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Makes It’s Debut

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Audi SQ5’s have a special place for firsts when it comes to cars that we are given the honor of working on. So far, we have performed New Car Prep and GTechniq Ceramic Coatings on the first 2015 AND 2017 Audi SQ5’s to arrive here in the United States. 

Here, while it may not be the first 2018 Audi SQ5 in the states (as far as we know), it is still a pretty impressive first. After we did some Paint Correction to repair some dealer installed swirl marks, this gorgeous car is the first car at Arkham Shine to officially receive our newest GTechniq Ceramic Coating, Crystal Serum Ultra. We could not be happier with the results, and the client could not be happier with a 9 year guarantee. 

Why use special camera filters when the combination of Arkham Shine’s paint correction and GTechniq’s Crystal Serum Ultra Black Total Protection makes your car look better than reality anyway? 

Is your new car looking like it’s new? It can look better.

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Custom 2017 Porsche Macan Looking Better Than New

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When you get a brand new 2017 Porsche Macan Turbo, and it still isn’t good enough, you obviously add an insane Hamann Motorsports Widebody Kit. Still not good enough? Why not add a set of rims so custom that the only next step would be to hand forge them yourself! Once all that is done, you have to make sure it’s all protected properly, so Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio was called in to do the final car detailing and paint correction work, install xPel Paint Protection Film, and dip the whole car in GTechniq Crystal Serum Black for guaranteed ease of care and maintenance for years to come. 

How far did we go with this install? There is a TINY gap in the rims where the spokes meet the red barrel. This is a spot where dirt and brake dust could easily get stuck and start to deteriorate the appearance of the rims very quickly. We went in and individually installed GTechniq C5 Wheel Armor in the end of the spoke AND the drum so water will make anything trying to hide in the gap flow right out. 

Is your new car looking like it’s new? It can look better.
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Arkham Shine and GTechniq at SEMA 2017

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This year at SEMA, Kevin Awalt went with GTechniq as we unveiled our newest Ceramic Coating, Crystal Serum Ultra. Check out this video as Kevin presents The Man himself, Renny Doyle with his first bottle of GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra. 

Read more about the release of Crystal Serum Ultra and call Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio at (860) 799-5403 or stop by our studio located at 90 Danbury Road in New Milford, CT 

Super ceramic coating launched to keep cars looking as-new. 

Formulators of the world’s best surface care products launch a new, revolutionary ceramic coating that will keep cars looking ‘as good as new’, at the SEMA Show, Las Vegas, USA, today (Tuesday 31st October 2017).

Gtechniq introduces Crystal Serum Ultra, a 10h paint protection for cars that offers matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance. Keeping a car looking at its best and making it stress-free to maintain. Crystal Serum Ultra replaces Crystal Serum as the Gtechniq Accredited Detailer only, signature coating, with a nine year guarantee.

Rob Earle, Gtechniq managing director responsible for the development of Crystal Serum Ultra, said: “Crystal Serum Ultra is the best paint protection product that we have developed to date.

“By creating Crystal Serum Ultra we have introduced a new seven nanometer particle that works alongside an existing 20 nanometer particle, and increased the ratio of crosslinkers in the formula. This has resulted in a coating which has a reinforced top layer that will take everything life, and the road, throws at it.”

The molecular structure of the hard top layer of Crystal Serum Ultra is exceptionally chemical resistant, withstanding even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings. This super-strong top layer also reduces surface hazing substantially, helping to keep that mirror-like finish on a car’s paintwork. 

Crystal Serum Ultra is resistant to extreme heat changes, from -40 degrees Celsius to +250 degrees Celsius, this makes it effective in a number of environments.

Having Crystal Serum Ultra applied to a vehicle will make it a dream to maintain, but for the best in hydrophobic performance and ease of upkeep, it can be over coated with EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating or C2 Liquid Crystal.

The nature of Crystal Serum Ultra means it cannot be purchased off the shelf, but has to be applied by a trained, Gtechniq Accredited Detailer. 


Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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GTechniq Maintenance Kit: $50 

Maintain the appearance of your vehicle between visits to your favorite car detailer. Once your vehicle has been detailed you will want all the essential items required to keep that ‘just detailed’ look. This kit contains all the maintenance items needed to keep the exterior and interior of your vehicle looking pristine, until the next visit.

Kit contains:

MOIST Georgia Peach Car Wash Soap 16oz: $16.00

Delicious peach scent car wash soap. A perfect scented car wash for any type of vehicle

Mix 1 to 2 oz per gallon on water
Wash with a wash mitt or sponge
Rinse with the hose.

GTechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt: $18.00

  • Ultra low friction glide characteristics minimise swirl marks
  • Designed to hold maximum volume of wash suds
  • 100% split varied length polyester strands optimum for contaminant release

GTechniq Diamond Sandwich Microfiber Drying Towel: $15 

  • Drys to a streak free finish
  • Ultra soft highly absorbent outer layers wicks water into core reservoir
  • Unlike standard microfiber cloths, MF4 can be easily wringed out

GTechniq ZeroR Microfiber Buff Cloth: $4 each 

  • 40 x 40 cm
  • High polyamide content
  • Ultra soft and very effective for removing residues

RTIC Arkham Shine “GTechniq Was Here” 30oz Tumbler: $30

The MUST HAVE item of the season, or the year for that matter.  RTIC Tumblers are stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer – works great for hot beverages. The included all-new shaded Splash Proof lid lets you know exactly how much drink you have. The flip-top closure resists spills and is straw friendly. Easy to clean.

Are you looking for the perfect Holiday Gift for the car lover on your list? Well, we are about to make your holiday shopping just a bit less stressful. Starting Friday, November 24th (or “Black Friday” for those of you in the know) Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio will be offering some of the finest car care products available to help your friends and family keep their vehicles shining brighter than a Christmas Tree all year long.

On top of car care products, we will also be offering some great gifts and stocking stuffers to help knock off some of the more “hard to please” people on your list. Some of these items include a limited edition RTIC tumbler and coffee packages specifically for us.

On top of all this awesome stuff, we will also be having our famous 50% off all Gift Certificates sale on Friday, November 24th and Saturday, November 25th from 8am-9am only. 

We wish you all a great holiday season with lots of love from your friends and family and look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 24th.

Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio

90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT 

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2016 Chevy Camaro Corrected and Protected.

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Do you want your car to be SO BRIGHT that you can’t even look at it in the sun? This client did.

After about a year of regular car wash abuse, the white on this 2016 Chevrolet Camaro had started to loose it’s natural shine. Even though there was no “visible from 10 feet away” damage, micro marring, discoloration and an EXTENSIVE amount of industrial contamination, the light was no longer bouncing off and blinding innocent bystanders as our client drove by them. After our Level Two Complete Detail, we dipped this car in GTechniq from top to bottom to make sure that she looked her best not only now, but for years to come, with no more automatic car washes. 

Classic Ford Mustang Shelby GT350-CR Detailed and Protected.

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If you are a fan of classic muscle cars, or just a fan of fantastic looking cars in general, it doesn’t get much cooler than this. This 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350-CR was built by none other than the team at Classic Recreations located in Yukon,Oklahoma. If you are unfamiliar with who Classic Recreations is, think Nicholas Cage driving around in Eleanor in “Gone In 60 Seconds“, or Jason Giambi driving around in Eleanor’s more powerful older sister, Super-Snake. Classic Recreations is the team that builds those gorgeous recreations and many more. 

While this was certainly one of the most beautiful and well finished classics we have ever had the honor to work on, there is always room get that gloss up just a bit higher. After our Level Two Complete Detail,  we made sure this Shelby will always be able to stand right up there with her brothers and sisters and look great by installing the GTechniq Crystal Serum Black Total Protection Package. All paint has been bathed with Crystal Serum and topped with two layers of EXOv3 Hybrid Coating. Rims have been protected with c5 Wheel Armor. Glass has been coated with G1 Clearvision Smart Glass, and the interior will remain pristine AND germ free thanks to our interior protection featuring Bio-Cote



One thing all of us here at Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio would like to make clear. We get asked all the time since people see us working on cars like this if we will detail “regular” cars. Our answer is simple. Of course we will. We are just honored to be recognized as a leader in our industry and are given the opportunity to work on some of the coolest and well know cars on the planet because of the work we put into every vehicle that comes through the gates of Arkham. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Professional Paint Correction, Auto Detailing and GTechniq Ceramic Coating installation services, please call (860)799-5403 or stop by our studio for a free consultation. 90 Danbury Road New Milford, CT

New Car Auto Detailing Paint Correction for Connecticut

2017 Cadillac Escalade in for Level One Complete Auto Detail

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This 2017 Cadillac Escalade is the perfect example of why you should have a professional auto detailer with a good reputation do the prep work on your new cars and NEVER waste your money on the “paint protection plan, environmental protection plan” or whatever they want to call it. 

This Escalade was brought to us with a ton of swirl marks already in it and the client was told they purchased the protection plan, but from day one, their BRAND NEW LUXURY SUV never looked right to them. 

After performing our Level One Complete  Auto Detailing package, the paint was then protected with GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray for 4-6 months of real world protection, even in Connecticut. 

Interested in having your car coated with GTechniq?
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Nissan 300zx Corrected by Arkham, Protected by GTechniq in CT

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There is nothing like finding a classic car, with very low miles, that also has VERY little damage to it. The owner of this 1991 Nissan 300zx was super excited to find this yellow/gold classic with just over 12k on the engine and a body that had VERY little damage that was not easily taken care of. 

The gold and silver metal flake was made to stand out again thanks to our Level Two Complete Detail Package and the Rupes s.P.a Bigfoot System. Once we got the paint looking like liquid gold, we protected it with our GTechinq Crystal Serum Black package for 7 Years or more of care free maintenance for the owner. 

Call (860) 799-5403 or stop by the studio at 90 Danbury Road in New Milford, CT to discuss how we can give you REAL WORLD protection not only for those cars you have always wanted, but your every day drivers as well. 

Arkham Shine and GTechniq invade Gotham, CT for Batfest!

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Well, it’s pretty obvious that this car show was right up our alley. On September 17th, Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio as well as reps from the Connecticut GTechniq Team turned Ocean Beach Park in New London into our own Private Gotham City Car Show. While the main attraction was obviously the Batmobiles, we had help from The Joker who donated his Ford Crown Vic, help from our dear client who showed up with her Dark Knight inspired Subaru Legacy and we even got a call from Knight Industries who showed up with none other than K.I.T.T. himself! (David Hasslehoff not included) 

If you look through the images below, you will also see “The General Lee” from “The Dukes of Hazzard”, and the Grand Turrino’s from Starsky and Hutch. 

This was an obvious blast for Kevin and his crew and we thank the people at Radio104 WMRQ for putting together such a great show.