Tesla Auto Detailing Connecticut“the systematic cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting to all surfaces of a vehicle.”

Designed to improve the overall appearance of your well maintained vehicle, our interior and exterior detailing service will bring the color and shine back to your vehicles.

Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio’s 

number one goal is to provide our valued clientele with the highest level of auto detailing service to meet the needs of any car enthusiasts from Connecticut and beyond.  All vehicles are treated and detailed individually with the proper time and care to ensure our clientele with  total satisfaction. All are encouraged to call (860)799-5403 or stop by our studio located at 453 Danbury Rd in New Milford, Connecticut for a free consultation and with any and all questions you may have about our car detailing services.
Our complete detailing packages are designed to bring out the beauty in well-maintained vehicles.  Only the best products are used to properly clean and protect it, leaving you with a vehicle that looks the same way as the day you bought it, sometimes even better.

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Clay Bar Treatment to remove embedded contamination
  • Single stage buffing to smooth out minor imperfections and dramatically enhance gloss
  • exterior surfaces prepped to ensure proper sealant bonding
  • All exterior surfaces properly protected with top of the line paint sealant designed for REAL WORLD protection.
  • Cleaning of rims, tires and wheel wells
  • Streak free interior/exterior windows
  • Extensive blow-out and vacuum of all interior
  • All cloth seats and carpet shampooed
  • All leather properly cleaned and protected.
  • All panels, vents, gauges, pockets, cup holders and nooks and crannies are cleaned and dressed.

Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio takes pride in the Auto Detailing,  Paint Correction and GTechniq Ceramic Coating services we offer and perform.

We use only the highest quality car care products and auto detailing techniques to really make your vehicle shine better than it did the day you bought it from the car dealership.

We have extensive detailing training and have worked side by side with industry leaders from the International Detailing Association, GTechniq, RupesSimoniz, Rightlook and many more.  Combine this with hands on work in Connecticut, New York and all over the United States as well for the past 15 years in the industry, you can rest assured that we take pride in providing an unmatched level of car detailing services to every car that comes to us to be detailed.


professional auto detailing paint correction ConnecticutThe art of what we like to refer to as “True Paint Correction” is what Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio prides ourselves and our work on. True paint correction can vary from swirl mark and micro marring removal,   random isolated defect removal (R.I.D.s), paint touch up, scratch repair, minor wet sanding, texture/orange peel removal,  and all the way up to full vehicle sanding. The goal during our paint correction process is to achieve that “wet look” and high gloss shine before any level of protection is applied to the painted surfaces. This can be achieved through various steps of paint correction from mild compounding to total wet-sanding to remove a majority of the defects and leveling out the surface so that the light hitting the surface refracts back at your eyes as uniformly as possible.

Paint correction services include:

  • Light compounding
  • Heavy compounding
  • Spot Sanding
  • Block Sanding
  • Paint Touch Up
  • Scratch Repair
  • Full body wet sanding
  • Texture (orange peel) removal
  • Anything short of having to bring your car to a body shop

PLEASE NOTE: It is very difficult to gauge what level of paint correction your car may needs without having the vehicle in front of us. Please bring your car by for a FREE CONSULTATION to review and discuss what we can do to make your car look it’s absolute best, and keep it that way.


Once your car has gone though our complete detailing and paint correction services, we recommend using a ceramic coating to ensure it stays looking great with little effort from you. Here at Arkham Shine Auto Detailing Studio, we have partnered up with GTechniq to offer our valued clients with the best ceramic coating products on the market.

GTechniq was born of pure science, a love of cars, and the desire to create the best car care products with a focus on protective coatings. Long term, durable protective coatings are the cornerstone of GTechniq’s success.

In 2004, the scientists at GTechniq created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all the surfaces of your vehicle. The result is a revolutionary line of surface protection for the broadest range of your vehicle’s exterior. GTechniq protects your car in a way that no traditional wax or paint sealants can match. The engineers and scientists at GTechniq tackle to toughest car care challenges and have introduced a line of products that not only outlast, but outshine the competition.

“WOW, how did you do that?” is a very common reaction that we hear whenever someone experiences the result of a car that has been protected using the GTechniq product line. It’s called SMART SURFACE SCIENCE and it combines micro-abrasive finishing technology to get your paint system perfect and then protects the surface with unique bonding elements that actually forms a chemical bond with the surface of your vehicle. With GTechniq, wax is obsolete and replaced with a crystal coated shine. The result is a final product that not only looks almost unreal, but makes maintaining a better than showroom shine as easy as rinsing the surface.

Once your car has been through our extensive Paint Correction and Car Detailing process, the paint is prepped to ensure proper bonding. Once applied, GTechniq will dramatically reduce surface damage from:

  • hard water spotting and acid rain etching
  • bird bombs (bird droppings)
  • tree sap
  • insects, including Love Bugs (plecia nearctia)
  • spray paint
  • damage caused by extended exposure to the sun such as fading, chalking, loss of gloss and clear coat failure.
  • all road de-icing material (EXTREMELY important here in New England)

Let’s not forget about the interior of your vehicle as well. We believe that Interior Detailing and protection is just as important. Once your interior has been completely detailed with our systematic and complete interior detailing process, we can protect the fabric, vinyl, leather, and plastic against;

  • ultraviolet induced fading
  • cracking and loose seam stitching in the leather
  • permanent interior staining caused by food, drink, inks, dyes or whatever else may try to ruin your interior
  • ultraviolet induced weakening of the vinyl or leather that can result in punctures and tears.
  • GTechniq’s interior protection line is all reinforced with BIO-COTE to help eliminate germs, bacteria, mold and mildew to make the interior of your vehicle safe for your whole family.

For more information on GTechniq, follow this link:


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